i am Muffin Sanders Producer and Disc Jokey from Indonesia”

Muffin Sanders is Producer/DJ originating from Bandung, Indonesia . Production wise, Muffin Sanders has infused his Europe sound into many releases on Katana Beatz Recordings (‘Make Some Noise’) Mufin Sanders collaborations with Rick Angel on Musical Freedom.
Now Muffin Sanders is a Resident DJ at 9’SQUARE Bandung Indonesia

Muffin Sanders,
“To make a difference in the Electronic Dance scene”.
Their mission was formed on the basis of numerous reasons among which they felt like it was high time for the local dance scene to evolve – to progress to a stage where the local dance scene will be noticed and be taken seriously by European powers. Thereby, educating local clubbers and broadening the scope of electronic music locally.
What to expect from a Muffin Sanders set?

“A total dancefloor mayhem”,
“A dynamic, adrenaline-pumping set”,
“A limitless energetic sound”
“Butchering apart normal tracks”,
“A dense layering of sound, beats and effects”

Those are some of the key phrases that describes a Muffin Sanders set.

Muffin Sanders believes that when clubbers go out to party,they shouldn’t hear a track exactly the way it sounds when it’s being played on your mp3 player. Their aim is to butcher the track apart on spot, giving the track a whole new layer of surprises. Therefore, Muffin Sanders is a live performance of DJing, Mashup, Remixing, Synthesis, and Effects.

Muffin Sanders understands that people pay good money to enter a club, and so the aim of performers is to give those people their money’s worth or even more.

What happens during a Muffin Sanders set?

Producer/DJ – Muffin adds in additional effects, beats, rhythms from an analogue synthesizer or effects unit. consistently layers track after track in a short period of time, while often mashing up tracks and adding effects,

This sums up to a delicate and dynamic dense layer of unique sounds – making each track unique everytime it’s played. His debut Song “Rick Angel feat Muffin Sanders – Make Some Noise”will be Release ON Beatport Nov 29,2012 worldwide on Katanabeatz ( Netherland. It will feature forth coming collaborations with Rick Angel,

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