Alessandro Mette was born in Latina on 13th August 1988. He approached to the complicated world of music for the first time in 2005. In this circumstance, he found out his passion for this art and decided to broadcast his first records ,which were produced exclusively by himself. He’s a self-taught person and promoted his music in parties, special events and for a short period of time, he worked as a dj in camps. Once he realised that in his city music wasn’t considered for what it really is, he decided to cultivate his passion on his own and he dedicated all his time to some exclusive pieces so, in 2010 he started to create his first songs/remixes/bootleg,and 30 November 2011 released his first single intitled “Living in Bangkok”,it’s a track with a deep house sound and it’s completely different from the music played in his djsets. Immediately after the 03 January 2012 released another single intitled ”My Time” in collaboration with the California rapper Lostpoet,the song was born from the need to want to experiment with new sounds and mixing rap and the House Music,subsequently the 19/02/12 release another single ”Fuck Off!”. 05/03/12 the new single out for him with the track’ ‘Uh Baby!”.The 01/05/12 release on beatport his first unmixed compilation ”In My Mind Vol. 1” containing the best hits house, progressive and electro house of the moment.The 04/03/13 within the EP ”Louder” goes another track ”Palabras”.The 15/05/13 released her sixth single called ”Underwater”.The 12/08/13 released another single called ”Don’t Do It (Amsterdam Mix).The 29/09/13 relesead her 8th single ”Borracho”.He works very hard because he loves music and he tries to do all his best,doing in with all his heart. This behaviour is typical of an artist, and he is a real artist. He is probably not an idol, but surely he is a modest person; he has also stated that he will never cease to learn and increase his knowledges. To this day he collaborates with several clubs,discos and many well-known figures from his birthplace.


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