DJ Anny is an international DJ/producer, whose real name is Anna Sbrodova.
Place of living is Ukraine.

DJ Anny started her career in 2011.Since that time she has visited a lot of different countries, as well as all cities in Ukraine and CIS.
She performed in the top clubs in such countries as Switzerland, France, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates.
Stage performance by DJ Anny is a combination of the most popular trends in EDM music (electro house, progressive house, dutch house ,dirty house ) as well as technical skill, energy and beauty.
DJ Anny took part in the annual premium Geometria Awards in 2012 and 2013 where she got the award twice in a row.
In 2013 she started her weekly radio show “Your Solution” which got over a thousand of listening and funs from all over the world in a very short time.  Currently she is working on her solo track release called ECLIPSE, which will be launched by one of the best labels in Russia – Legraib. Also an official video is being made to track.

International EDM Dj and Producer

Official website:


☎ +38 093 668 40 77

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