DmitriJ Artemchuk is a young DJ/producer of EDM from Russia.

It’s hard to believe that he used to make songs in genre of rock.

One day when DmitriJ was inspired by the music of Armin van buuren, he made his first song in genre of progressive house called “You are for me”. After he did it, he suddenly realized: “From this moment EDM is for me”

His first release «Show me your love» was released by the label «Squad Music» (Spain) 1 july 2014 His second release is a song called «Hard love». This song is about ambiguous feelings. Powerful sound with great vocals certainly will impress people all over the world. Now he is actively working on making of new music. DmitriJ has big plans for the future in the world of EDM.

Slogan of DmitriJ Artemchuk: «Don’t stop the music»


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