was born and raised in The Netherlands, so I’ve been surrounded with EDM my entire life. Inspired by big names like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and more progressive people like John Digweed and Guy J I’ve been creating electronic dancemusic for almost ten years. I have a huge interest in different genres like House, Minimal, Progressive, Techno, Tech-House, Hardstyle, Lounge, Dubstep and ofcourse Trance, my first love in EDM.

Between my age of 18 and present I visited every party I was able to. And believe me, in The Netherlands the parties never stop, so I can say I’ve seen every DJ playing who is currently in the DJ Mag Top 100.
Nonstop listening to music keeps me moving and exploring EDM and the rest of the world. It makes my world bigger than ever when I meet people all around the world with the same passion. Sometimes we don’t understand each other, but the language of music is universal.

The last two years I’ve been improving my skills and I my track “Voler” is a track that defenitly proves my improvement in the last couple of years.

All I want is that people enjoy my music. Whether it is in a club, relaxing at home or at the beach.

Currently I am working on

My latest track “Voler” is released the 28th of July 2013 on

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