Nick Nider has always had a keen interest in music. His first enconter with electronic music came through his neighbor who was working as a manager in one night club in Dubrovnik. Soon he discovered todays legends of EDM Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, ATB, Above&Beyond and others who inspired him in years to come. He immediately felt a deep connection with electronic music which continued to grow as he started not only to listen to music, but also mix it. He started deejaying on private parties in his hometown and gradualy built his way up to more popular local pubs and night clubs. Since the EDM scene in his hometown was virtualy non existing at that time, he moved to Zagreb and started learning music production.
In 2010. he finally signed to a label and released his first single “Groving” a smooth and chillin’ progressive house track, which was very well accepted. Next year followed “Moving”,”Step up” and “Night Shift”. In that period he was finishing university so music production came to a standstill for a little while. After a two years break, in 2014. he came back to his true passion – music production, dedicatetd to produce more music and make a name of himself on the scene.

I make what I like, what I like makes me.
Feel free to contact me regarding any collaboration, remixes or just for fun; I’m always open for new ideas and sharing.

“At the end, all your dreams and wishes, all your mistakes and accomplishments, all you ever did or wanted to be, can fit in just one verse of a poem called life…”

Signed to:

Soundwaves Records

Elliptical Sun Records

OTB International Records

Porton Records

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