hello my name is Paul, I’m Italian and I was born in 1993 in a small town in northern Italy, my passion for electronic music was born in the years when you know the minimal Italy in 2004/05, and all thanks to my friend too passionate about electronic music, after years of hopes and dreams I could play in some clubs in the area Disco Palace, All in, etc. Max. But my passion for music was louder, and so I embarked on the road to production, and then start making music, starting with small programs simply by switching to professional programs such as Ableton Live, after years of hard work I managed to launch my first two tracks in collaboration with Joe D’Angelo Footmusic Records label, under the pseudonym Paul Jhons, now I’m continuing to play music and print labels with many DJs and collaborating with some of the area as Francis De Argentis. The labels with which I am working and with which I will shortly have the outputs (Fairy Records Fruit Records, Berlin Aufnehmen, Footmusic Soundwaves Records and Records), are the kinds that produce minimal house and I am also venturing into tech house and deep house . With the music I hope to bring happiness and give strong emotions to make sure that people who hear my music can free your mind and let go with an open mind.
What do you think about it?