0534AS – Tribute To Soundwaves


Labels    Soundwaves Catalog #    0534AS DJ Geri @ Soundwaves Mixed by DJ GeriRelease Date    2012-01-19 1)Andy Lock - Lemon Lady (Orignal Mix) 2)MFU - Hybrid (Original Mix) 3)Badhands - Europa 4)Mike Frost - Domino (Original mix) 5)Reikalvik - So high (Original Mix) 6)Mike Frost & Marinos Caswell - Waiting for the drop (Original Mix) 7)Alex O'S'N - One by one (Original Mix) 8)DJ Geri - I Miss You (Original Mix) 9)Maksim Palmaxs - Day Spring (Original Mix) 10)DJ Geri - Back To Moon (Original Mix) 11)SkyKeeper - Last Chance (Original Mix) 12)Ilya Flame - Fractal Universe (Original mix) 13)Philip Overdrifter - Escape
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