0697AS – You can Make Make


Release Date    2013-03-17
Labels    Soundwaves
Catalog #    0697AS
Ash-Poow - You can Make Make (Orignal Mix)
Some feedback about this release:
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Luciano: Thanks for the music
Cristian Varela: Thanks !
Amine Edge (Rekids / Souvenir / Noir): Download For Amine Edge, Thx, MIKE
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Orde Meikle (Slam): thanx for the tunes - will try out - cheers
Brothers' Vibe: Thanks...
Benji Candelario: Good Tune!!
Jose Sousa (Pacha Ibiza): Great Swing, Thanx!
Mario da Ragnio: thx..nice groove!!!
Anderson Noise: Great
ill-Boy Phil (Treibjagd-Records, Fevah FM, U6-Schallplatten): Nice
one, will try, thanks!
Nick Fiorucci (HI-BIAS): Downloading for Nick Fiorucci
Deepfuture: Great track! Thanks.
Hippie Torrales: Ok for a starting point.
Dannyo (Bora Bora/Mambo, Ibiza): Nice beats, not sure about the
artwork though... :S
Adam Helder (Freaky Vibes): Interestig, thanks!
Dj cool
Tsugi: Cool track
Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty & DMC Magazine): good track, would like some other versions though
Russel Deeks (This Is Why We Dance): Nice house vibes, will support
LightWaveRadio:  Funky !! i love it !!
David F (Sine FM Doncaster): not bad, fairly decent warm up track
Michael Fossati ( Wicked...
DJ Friendly / Erik Eriksson:  thanx!
Kristijan Molnar (Christallization Radio Show): Solid tune, thanks
Erwin Kelemen ( trying out,thx
Sebastian Schlachter (La boum de luxe/FM4/Vienna): nice latin flavour!
like it! thx!
Something Global: downloading for
Wazzup?: Nice one!
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM): Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.
Musicmag Spain: Nice work.
Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session): Really like this!
Dance One Radio: Great
The-Zone Radioshow (Rome / 88.9fm): nice one! Thanks! Downloading for considering for review
John P. ( nice work! thanks
Deep House Cat: Downloading for the Deep House Cat Show. Thanks for the music.
Bob Morane (Seoul Community/Elevation LTD): nice track will support! Thank you!
Something Global: downloading for
DeepSouthAudio: dope beats thanks Good!
Nikki Flame Jordan (, Fun and
funky full support, One Love, Nikki Flame xxx
Nutritious (SpinSpinNYC): thank you thanks

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