0745 AS – Venus


GribOFFsky - Venus GribOFFsky releasing his first album on the Soundwaves record label. The album consists of 10 tracks, collaborations with artists such as: Maxtraile , Maki Jackson , Alex Romankov. GribOFFskyi is only 15 years old, has already released this album. The album is called Venus, has collected the best works in it .. Progressive House, and Progressive trance styles .. We are waiting for the album, soon the CD and music stores in the world! GribOFFsky - Sky Down (Original Mix) GribOFFsky - Calm Wind (Original Mix) GribOFFsky - Engine Times (Original Mix) GribOFFsky - You Are Loved (Album Mix) GribOFFsky With Maki Jackson - Succesful Tune (Album Mix) GribOFFsky With Maki Jackson - Venus (Album Mix) GribOFFsky - Champions (Album Mix) GribOFFsky - Abstraction (Original Mix) GribOFFsky With Hello DJ's - Away (Original Mix) GribOFFsky - Vittoria (Album Mix)
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