0747AS – White Compassion

Rangga Electroscope

Release Date    2013-12-24

Labels    Soundwaves

Catalog #    0747AS

White Compassion is The first-solid Debut Studio Album Written and Produced by 25 year-old Indonesian based Music Producer, Rangga Oktavian, The Man behind the name of Rangga Electroscope, is setting himself up for a landmark year. For the most part, Rangga Electroscope's White Compassion is a monumental & emotional electronica-trance album for electronic music in Indonesia and global. White Compassion Album was nominated As Album Of The Year at Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards 2011 - REDMA 2011 in Indonesia. with this opportunity, Rangga want to express his ideas for freedom of expression. White Compassion is not an album you play to light up the dance floor, but one you listen to warm your soul with the full range of human emotion. Every track in this album is great detail in this piece, combining traditional Indonesian music and electronic music. With influences from electronica, experimental, hints of cinematic ambient music, uplifting trance, and progressive trance music, this album is a step away from everything that has begun to define electronic music. It is an experimental, unique, album that illustrates the abilities of a true master of audio at work, as he tries to tell a story through a never before heard combination of Traditional and Modern sound, melody, and composition. This album is dedicated to His Family and You.

Rangga Electroscope – Teardrop (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Confession (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Knowledge Is Power (Rangga Electroscope’s Club Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – White Compassion (Electroscopic Club Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Never Let You Go (Remix Version)
Rangga Electroscope – Knowledge is Power (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – I Still Believe in You My God (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Running High (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – (Kuro Kage) (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Night Scene (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Warlord (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – White Compassion (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Just One Love For Indonesia (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Winter (Enlightment 2011 Remake)
Rangga Electroscope – Never Let You Go (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Heal You (Original Mix)
Rangga Electroscope – Night Scene (Acoustic Version)

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