0804AS – Madcap

Wrillez Basics

Release Date 2015-02-01
Labels Soundwaves
Catalog 0804AS

The "Madcap" LP was kind of a big thing for me this year. After "Slowly Returning" came out, I thought to myself, "Alright, after this one, I'll take a break...give myself a while to settle down," But no, immediately I got a ton of inspiration and went straight to work.
"Madcap" is called what it is, due to my thought process when writing music, and my personality in general. I'm a very madcap person. My style has always been of the eccentric variety, and it shows in basically everything I do. With this album, I utilized my "madcap-ness" as inspiration, and wove together different genres and ideas into what you hear on the final release. This past year has been very eye-opening, and special to me, and I'm glad to end it on this note. Thank you to all who have supported me through the years, and have stayed loyal through thick and thin!
Enjoy the Album!

Special Thanks/Shout-outs : My amazing wife and wonderful family, (especially my Grandmother Carolyn, and my late Grandfather Roy, for opening my eyes to the wonders of music!) Jreap, Cardi, My protege Cort (one of the coolest guys on the planet!) The work staff at my "Real Job" for providing me support and laughs, Zer(), Jacob, Lelouch, The Daoust boys,Steven, Alex, Tonya, Ben, Litro, Gazer, Pat, Sheldon, Nuker, Owl, Underthing, Bri, Aaron, KK, Snuggie Lord (for the "Memory Corridor" track title) MLPForums,, the mothership, Rick Mage, Zack, Jeremiah, Brian, DJ Rip, DJ Flaver, Josh Collins, Daniel Ingram, Soundcloud, and of course, SoundWaves Records for making this album possible!

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