0492AS – The Galaxy

Wrillez Basics

Release Date    2011-12-31 Labels    Soundwaves Catalog #    0492AS The Galaxy EP is really sort of a mixed bag of bizzareness. I mean you've got a bit of chiptune, dubstep, arcade style electro, it's just a strange compilation of my recent work. I really enjoyed working on this album, I made half of it in my home studio, and half of it at a local Mc Donalds. (Mainly because of the free wifi, and free refills on Coca-Cola!) I did all the mastering myself,came up with all the names; It was good times! I've already started working on some new stuff to follow this EP, and I hope to keep on bringing better sounds, and better productions into the mix. I'm a huge dubstep fan, so I've got a few new dubstep tracks I crafted on there. I'm no Skrillex or Benga obviously, but it was a fun attempt. Basically I hope people just enjoy the music, whether they're buying it and supporting me, or just downloading, it doesn't really matter to me. As long as they get the message, and party it up, that's all I care about. Wrillez Basics - Moonlight Musique (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - And Then...She Smiled... (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - Mind = Blown (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - The Treasure Trove (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - Bass Drop Soup (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - Pinball 404 (Original Mix) Wrillez Basics - Cake Puzzle (Original Mix)
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